Headphone Bag


  • Scraps of worsted weight yarn in as many colours as you like
  • 1 pair US #5 (3.75mm) needles
  • tapestry needle for sewing up


  • stst Stocking or Stockinette Stitch - 1 row knit, 1 row purl
  • lhn Left Hand Needle
  • rhn Right Hand Needle
  • cobo Cast on one, bind off one. Cast on one by inserting the rhn between the next 2 stitches, wrap the yarn as if to knit and pull the loop through. Pass the first stitch on the rhn over the new loop, before placing the new loop onto the lhn
  • Tube Stitch *k1,slip 1 with yarn forward, repeat frm * to end.
  • Picot bind off cobo, cast on 1, bind off 3.


  • Gauge doesn't matter for once.
  • Cast on 20 stitches.
  • Tube stitch for 44 rows in stripes changing colours as the fancy takes you, but always do an even number of rows in each colour. You will need to break the yarn between colours, unless you can work out how to pass them up inside the tube - I haven't looked at how that could be done yet. All the ends should be on the same side.
  • You should end up with a tube with 10 stitches and 22 rows on each side.
  • Separate the two sides onto two other needles
  • For each half:
  • Eyelet row - *p2tog, wrap yarn round needle, repeat from *, to last 2 stitches, p2
  • K 1 row, p 1 row
  • Bind off with picot bind off, first picot is cast on 2, bind off 3
  • "Foamie" pocket:
  • Cast on 8 stitches
  • Stockinette sitch 4 rows.
  • Row 5: knit 2, make 1 row buttonhole over 6 stitches, k to end
  • continue in stockinette stitch for another 4 rows
  • Graft the open stitches of the pocket onto the front of the bag in the centre, and continue sewing the 3 other sides of the pocket onto the bag
  • Cord:
  • Either make I-cord, or braid long enough to thread twice round the eyelets and pull up to make straps
  • Pull all the tails through to the inside of the bag and weave in to finish.