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Hi Jacquie,

I've been playing with the Chart Maker, but it's not liking my version of FireFox (3.0). The applet loads, but then the page remains blank where the applet should be.

I've also downloaded the little stand-alone application, which I really like. It's just when I try to save the editable version of the chart, I get the following put into my clipboard:

The "Save as image" works great, though. :o) So far I'm just converting written instructions from a website for my own use, so I don't need to go back and edit. But when I start charting my own designs, it would be useful. Is this a known bug, or something new?

Thanks so much for the charting software. Even if it doesn't end up working 100%, I'm still glad to have it!

Take care . . .



This is a wonderful knitting chart maker you have given us, thank you. Once I save the text in Notepad, is there a way to upload it again for additional editing? I'm working on a large chart, 41 sts and 36 rows, and seem to make quite a few mistakes. The ability to save and edit would go a long way to preserving my sanity!

Beeuw van Kuijeren

I have been playing with the chart maker but how do you save it. I click on save but where does it go?


A suggestion-
Check out if this workss on all computers. For some odd reason when I click on the link, the window says 'Loading Java Applet Failed'in the progress section.
Please check this out. I am using a Dell computer and Internet Explorer.


Hey, sorry about the earlier comment,the key to getting that message to go away is to update your Java. right-click on the image and choose help. then follow the directions on the site (after choosing the update button). This solves all the problems if you choose the newest update!


I'm so excited about trying your chart maker, but for some reason, even though I have the most recent version of Java loaded on my computer, I can't the actual chart maker part of the page to come up - the Help section does - and it looks great! But all I get is a blank square for the chart maker. Any hints?


I was trying to find a color chart maker and stumbled upon this! I'm impressed. I hope to use your color chart maker one day (when it exists!)
Thank you!


Hi Jacquie,

Your chart maker is great! Is there any way to save charts I make to my hard drive? It would be great if I could print them in patterns I self-publish.

Thank you!

Tina Sherfield

I dont understand. Do I download this as a program? or use it and download the results? I have Java but either way I dont know how to down load it.

I dont understand the download prosess. Can u DL the program to your computer or work the program and DL the results. I have the newest version of java.Either way please explain how it works.
Thank You


Hi Tina,
It is a program embedded in a web page - so you just bring up the link and use it there. To get a permanent copy of your design you will need to take a screen shot of it - it is all explained in the Help found under the chart maker.

Let me know if it doesn't load for you and I will try and sort it out - also let me know what browser and type of computer you are using and any errors or behavior that will give me a clue as to what is going wrong.


I just downloaded your Knit Chart Maker - it's a great program! Just what I was looking for. I do have one question. If I make the grids too tall, I can't seem to scroll down to the bottom, am I missing something? All I can see is the top part of my grid.


Where do I go to get the download for your new version?

Patricia Ceger

I have been playing with the chart maker to chart designs from the 1st and 2nd Walker Treasuries and am generally pleased with the program. I would very much like to use it to plan a cable sampler afghan. The only problem is that each of my afghan squares is going to be 64 stitches by 132 rows. This makes my charts too big to use with the chart maker. Are there any plans to make the chart maker designs scrollable so that one can plan really large projects with it?

Patricia Ceger

PS love the create cable symbol feature, but would appreciate an expanded selection. Would be willing to pay for this program if it contained the cable symbols from, for example, the Leapman books, and the Walker Treasuries...

Karen Bunch

I am on a PC and can't seem to get the actual chart program to show up. The help page is there, just not the first page. There is a tiny box with an x in it, which I assume is supposed to be the program. Any suggestions? Thanks,


It maybe that Java is not enabled on your browser.

Here are the instructions for getting it enabled whatever browser you have:

Janet Hoxie

Hi Jacquie,

I love your chart maker and use it all the time. It produces excellent, professional looking charts. I also recommend it on Ravelry and to friends who are looking for a way to make charts.

Is there a way to make the "no stitch" a light gray instead of black? I find the contrast too stark, and it eats a lot of ink/toner when printing. Right now, it appears my only alternative is to make a lot of tiny gray boxes to overlay the grid to cover up the boxes I don't want to show. (I'm making a chart that starts with 1 stitch and gets wider up to 20 some stitches, so it's a lot of black I'd rather not print. Thank you very much.

Jocelyn Graef

Jacqui, wow! Thank you so much for this amazing gift. You have made my life so much easier! If you like free patterns (:]) please visit my website, and download away.

Linda Hart

Where do I download the progra to try? When I click on knitting chart maker all I get is the how to pages.

Linda Hart

When I click on knitting chart maker all I get is the how to page. Where do I dowlnload the program?


It looks like you don't have Java enabled in your browser.

Follow this link for instructions on how to fix it with whichever browser you are using.

pam boisin

ASre the charats printasble I have macosx and couldn't figure out how to


If it won't print directly from the browser you can make a screen shot and print that. Also you can crop the screen shot to be just the part you want.

See for how to take various kinds of screen shots in Mac OS X.

Karen Bruggman

I love the program. One problem I am having is to copy and paste so I can print the graph. I am using windows 7. I have a PC. If anyone has any suggestions let me know.

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