1. I was taught to knit by my Grandmother when I was seven
  2. I enjoy teaching others to knit
  3. I have passed level I of the TKGA Master Handknitting program, but cant seem to get on with Level II
  4. I have knitted for charity, and gifts for others, but only make big things like sweaters for myself
  5. I have designed a few things but once I have knit something I don't keep the details
  6. I have joined a couple of Secret Pal programs and enjoyed them
  7. I have made good friends through knitting - most recently my SnB grrls
  8. I love being part of the internet knitting community
  9. I don't have a huge stash - most is leftovers from other projects
  10. I love books about knittng - especially sets of books about knitting