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Weather in Salt Lake City

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Things I like about Utah

  • Clean air
  • Our house and neighbourhood
  • Being close-ish to San Diego, Los Angeles and San Fancisco
  • Being close to Las Vegas
  • The Wool Cabin Yarn store
  • Barnes and Noble
  • Our Starbucks where everybody knows our name and order
  • Mexican food
  • Friends
  • National Parks - Zions, Bryce Canyon, Arches
  • Mountains

Things I miss about England

  • Easter
    • Hot Cross Buns
    • Big Easter Eggs
  • The countryside
  • Christmas
    • Crackers
    • Pudding
    • Advent Calendars
    • Pantomime
    • Boxing Day
  • Bonfire Night (Guy Fawkes)
  • Food
    • Bounty bars, Flakes
    • Smarties, especially the orange ones
    • Hobnobs and Jaffa cakes
    • British Chinese
    • British Indian
    • Fish and Chips
    • Twiglets, Walkers crisps
    • Sausages
    • Heinz Baked Beans
    • ReadyBrek
    • Jersey Royal new potatoes
  • TV
    • Coronation Street
    • Countdown - Richard Whiteley RIP
    • Have I Got News For You
    • They Think It's All Over
    • Casualty
    • ...glad to hear they are still on!
  • Friends
  • Family

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carolinne Willson

100 things about me

1 I can make my tongue into a “W”
2 My sister and I were on “that’s life” because we can make our tongues into a
3 I rarely wear make up.
4 I have not managed T kick my caffeine habit but I do try to restrict my intake to one or two cups before midday and then no more.
5 I love to read.
6 I am doing my City and Guilds certificate in patchwork and quilting.
7 I lived in New Hampshire for two and a half years.
8 I am addicted to Wal-Mart and when I go on holiday to America I make my sister take me there as often as possible.
9 I also love drinking coffee at Starbucks in any Barnes and Noble.
10 my favourite magazine is “Real Simple”
11 I am totally intolerant of intolerance.
12 I used to be really shy.
13 I love “Desperate Housewives”
14 I secretly want to be Susan from DH.
15 I love Everybody loves Raymond.
16 I secretly want to be Deborah from ELR
17 My favourite movie is Altered States
18 I love to watch the different seasons happening
19 I love the smell of snow coming
20 In America I discovered the different types of snow and my favourite is when I can see the individual snowflakes
21 I love Su doku puzzles and was single-handedly responsible for introducing them to America (well to my sister in Salt Lake City)
22 When I was pregnant with my first child I wanted a daughter but was over joyed when he was a boy, and when I was pregnant with my second I wanted a boy and was so happy when she was a girl.
23 my sister was present at the birth of my daughter by emergency caesarean and she managed to keep her face completely unperturbed during the operation which really helped me.
24 fat really is yellow
25 I am just about to begin my PQ2
26 I am a Social Worker.
27 I love gardening but I am really useless at it.
28 I hate all forms of housework except for sorting the washing into colour piles.
29 I used to hang out my washing in colour blocks going through the spectrum.
30 My favourite authors are Jodi Picoult, Alice Hoffman, Lee Smith, and John Irving.
31 one of my fave books is “a prayer for owen meany” by John Irving.
32 I sometimes cry at adverts!!
33 I love going to parties so that I can dance.
34 I love my I pod
35 my fave bands are Coldplay and Blink 182
36 I took my son to Reading Rock Festival in 2002.
37 I am very bad tempered.
38 there is nothing like a nice hot water bottle
39 I am a member of the Quilter’s Guild of the British Isles
40 I love to knit but I have not made anything for five years.
41 I cannot stand noise.
42 another favourite TV show is “Simply Quilts” Alex Anderson is a heroin of mine.
43 I hate being sick
44 I still have all my bodily bits i.e. tonsils etc.
45 I experience a lot of synchronicity but I think that might just be a coincidence.
46 I have a stepmother but she is not wicked well she is but in a good way.
47 I still get really excited about Christmas.
48 I decided a while ago that if I really liked a book or admired a quilter’s work then I would email them to let them know. So far I have done this a few times and had positive responses from the people I contacted.
49 I love all my friends.
50 I miss my sister a lot.
51 I looked after my niece when she was a baby and I feel especially close to her even now.
52 I also love my nephews very much too.
53 sometimes I write poetry.
54 every year my best friend and I make each other a Christmas present on a chosen theme for that year.
55 the first time we did this the present I made for my friend was stolen form my car and I had to tell her there would be no present
56 I would like to learn more about wine.
57 my favourite artists are Klimt, Modigliani, Charles Rennie Macintosh, and Klee.
58 I am deeply shallow
59 I was on holiday in Menorca when I heard that Princess Diana had died.
60 I hate computer/ Nintendo/PS2 games
61 I love going to movies on the first night they are out.
62 I am addicted to reality TV shows and my fave is “Strictly Come Dancing”.
63 I love doing research on the Internet.
64 I have more than 10 pairs of shoes.
65 I have two children with a ten-year age gap.
66 I am very scared of dying in any form.
67 I love all colours except yellow and that means something but I can’t remember what.
68 I am the queen of self help books my fave is “Release Your Inner Dragon” …….fabulous
69 “69” fnnerrrrr I love double entendres
70 I got married in secret and only told my mum when I was coming out of the anaesthetic after my emergency caesarean.
71 I like cooking.
72 I wear my watch on my right wrist
73 I am an ideas person rather than a completer /finisher.
74 I love laughing
75 I have in the past enjoyed camping
76 I like a good game of cribbage
77 I favourite flowers are alliums; I like the dried seed heads too.
78 I like to make quilts for other people but have never made one for myself
79 I hate liars
80 I hate it when people tease others
81 I have pierced ears but was not allowed to have them done until I was 18.
82 I love singing along to my fave tracks but I cannot sing, my boy says I can sing but I know he is just being kind.
83 I have only karaoied once and hated it.
84 I really enjoy participating in quizzes, the best one was the one my sister devised for her 40th birthday party.
85 I like tea
86 I like to watch reruns of “Friends”
87 I love chocolate and my favourite bar is a praline flake.
88 I believe that the death penalty should banned everywhere.
89 I am a member of Amnesty International
90 I do not believe in god and I think that religion is the cause of most of the world’s problems.
91 the rest of the world’s problems are caused by greed of one kind or another.
92 I like to order an Indian take away on a Friday night.
93 I am interested in mass murderers.
94 I like to watch programmes about forensic police work.
95 I am a martyr to my back
96 and knees
97 and hips
98 I have very frizzy hair and no hair straightening products work at all ever for any length of time
99 I was once stung by a wasp that flew up my skirt I had to show the resulting wound to an assistant in a nearby chemist and to do so I had to raise my skirt right up while she called loads of other assistants over to “have a look at this!!!!”
100 one of my ambitions is to stay at the ice hotel.

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