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Weather in Salt Lake City

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Things I like about Utah

  • Clean air
  • Our house and neighbourhood
  • Being close-ish to San Diego, Los Angeles and San Fancisco
  • Being close to Las Vegas
  • The Wool Cabin Yarn store
  • Barnes and Noble
  • Our Starbucks where everybody knows our name and order
  • Mexican food
  • Friends
  • National Parks - Zions, Bryce Canyon, Arches
  • Mountains

Things I miss about England

  • Easter
    • Hot Cross Buns
    • Big Easter Eggs
  • The countryside
  • Christmas
    • Crackers
    • Pudding
    • Advent Calendars
    • Pantomime
    • Boxing Day
  • Bonfire Night (Guy Fawkes)
  • Food
    • Bounty bars, Flakes
    • Smarties, especially the orange ones
    • Hobnobs and Jaffa cakes
    • British Chinese
    • British Indian
    • Fish and Chips
    • Twiglets, Walkers crisps
    • Sausages
    • Heinz Baked Beans
    • ReadyBrek
    • Jersey Royal new potatoes
  • TV
    • Coronation Street
    • Countdown - Richard Whiteley RIP
    • Have I Got News For You
    • They Think It's All Over
    • Casualty
    • ...glad to hear they are still on!
  • Friends
  • Family

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I love the chart magic but I noticed one thing was missing right away. A print button.

The first time I came across your program I was using Mozilla Firefox and even a print preview showed that the chart wouldn't print.

Short of using print screen I couldn't find a way to print the chart we created and I'm pretty computer savvy.

It would be really nice to be able to print the chart with the key quickly and easily.

Thanks for a great program,


Deborah (aka Mt. Mom)

I was just checking in to see if you'd updated the ChartMaker recently, and see you're currently in the process of doing just that. Since the time I first found it in November, we've changed from PC to iMac and I'm still finding my way around. I would appreciate it if you'd let me know when your downloadable version is available, or hints on using either version with iMac. Thanks,


I just came across your chartmaker thanks to a tip at Ravelry. What a wonderful thing you've given us! Thanks so much!! I'll be watching for when you get your downloadable version posted. :-)

Will you charge for it? I'd be happy to pitch in a few $$ for my copy...

Thanks again for all your efforts!


Just downloaded your ChartMagic, and I LOVE IT! Thank you so much for giving us this super tool ♥♥♥


I love ChartMagic!!!!!! It is sooo much fun. I was wondering though...If I wanted to use the chart for a pattern I want to sell, is that allowed? Would I have to pay you for using it, or could I put 'Knitting Chart Used Courtesy of Jacquie Howard Copyright...' on the pattern?


You are very welcome to go ahead and use the program for your patterns for sale. There is no charge, and a mention isn't necessary but would be much appreciated. Good luck with your patterns!


Thank you very much!!!!!!!

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