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Christa Giles

Hi Jacquie,

I haven't tried this cast-on yet but I wanted to drop you a line about your chart maker... WOW! I saw it linked on Twitter (through Stefanie Japel - I'm taking a how-to-teach-online course from her, and I think she's planning a future course that involves charting.. and someone else that SHE knows knew about your chart pages!)... anyway, I'm excited to try it for a future lace design project. Do you have a donate button for PayPal, or can I send you some patterns to express my gratitude? Let me know :)


Ditto the previous comment - WOW! THANK YOU!!


Hi Jacquie,
I am here from a Stephanie Japel class too.I am taking her shawl design class.

Thank you for the software. It is wonderful! I am able to figure most things out using the program. However I am having problems using the "Open" function.

I copied the text file of my chart from the text box. I pasted it in to a .txt file (Wordpad). But when I copy and paste that same content from Wordpad into the input box (trying to use the “Open” function of the program). I get an error message that says it is not a chart maker file.

Any help or direction would be greatly appreciated. Thomasean(at) or

SassySean on Ravelry

piano lessons melbourne

I love doing cross stitch as a hobby. Until one day, I went to my mom's house and saw all these knitted projects around the house. They looked so lovely. My mom is in heaven now and I was trying to look for the book the she always carry with her whenever she does all these knitted projects. I cant find it anymore. I tried going to our local bookstore, there's none - only cross stitch patterns. I'd like to learn how to knit just like my mom. This post will help me for a start. But can you please tell me where to go for more patterns? Thank you for this post. Love it! :-)


I see Techknitter has invented a similar buttonhole to this
Also in the summer 2010 Interweave Knits.

The difference is in the way the right hand end is anchored - I was never entirely happy with the way I did that!

Jean Gross

Can you please explain where I can find this information, : "...follow buttonhole instructions from the last post covering 34 stitches for the opening." I did see the post on making the new buttonhole. Thanks! The project is looking beautiful thus far, your grid is easy to follow.


So the opening for the ipad cover is basically a giant 34 stitch buttonhole made using this technique.

Jean Gross

Hi Jackie. Me again. I worked the pattern through the purled two stitches on the back, then continued with the 34 stitch opening. I was left with two stitches on the back. I then did the crochet cast on. When I went to lengthen the front, I was left with stitches on either side of the opening in the back that I didn't know what to do with. Now I'm back at those two purled stitches before doing the opening. What now?


Hi Jean,

This video shows a very similar technique to the buttonhole pattern I came up with - I think it is actually finished better than mine. See what you think

Jean Gross

Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your willingness to help people understand when they run into a problem. As a result, I bought two skeins of suri alpaca & merino to make another one to pamper my iPad 3! BTW, I tried the buttonhole as described in the video you referred me to and I like yours better. I finally figured it out when I looked at it in a different way.


Thank you for sticking with it and liking it enough to knit a second luxury one!

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