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Cheryl S.

Cute! I don't have an iPad (yet), but will have to keep this in mind.


I love it! It keeps my iPad snuggly safe!

gris fleur

Nothing to do with the apple knit . But i'd like to find the pattern of the shrug knitted in Art yarn Mohair splash. I can't open the corrections of the pattern. Many thanks



I just wanted to leave a comment for you about the charting program you've made available to knitters like me who've been using graph paper and producing huge gigantic disasters by hand.


I can't afford to buy software at this point, and I'm just now starting to chart my own design ideas, so your generous gift is much appreciated.

It was easy to use, produced a wonderful chart and it was also pretty freaking fun too!

Thanks again,



wow now that's a full-featured tutorial on knitting an iPad cover. I'll try to read it again 3-4 times then I'll try to actually make it :) thanks

web designer Philippines

these are the nicest iPad covers i've seen.


I'm new to color patterns let alone illusion patterns so I'm having some major confusion, but I think I've got it. But... i asked to experts to help me and one said that once I get to the apple pattern/design I'm supposed to follow the grid and NOT knit the extra knit row between the grid pattern rows on the picture. The other says yes, keep the 4 row pattern throughout just inserting the design pattern as per the picture. I'm leaning toward the latter but could use some clarification.

THANK YOU!! What a cute and fun thing to knit!


Your instinct is right - the latter option is correct. Of the 4 rounds in the pattern the 1st and 3rd round are always plain knit, so I made the chart to just show the 2nd and 4th rounds where the stitches vary.

I am glad you like the pattern, it was fun to design, the illusion technique is fascinating. I would love to see a picture if you make one.


OK, thank you so much! That's what I've been doing and I'm at the bite in the apple of the logo. But... I made a mistake the last row around (or maybe on all the previous rounds) and knit the first row of color A before doing the logo pattern row. So, on the previous rounds I think I was doing the pattern on row 1 and 3 but i should be doing them on 2 and 4 right? So in the finished piece there should be NO overlap of the 2 colors in the logo part of the pattern, right?

Sorry! I think I bit off more than I can chew. :(


Yes,the chart shows rows 2 and 4 of the 4 row pattern. Row 2 is always color B and row 4 is always color A. You never need to use both colors in any row.


I finished! (the pattern part. Thanks. I'm trying to interpret the rest now. lol Just a suggestion - the chart is so great! Why not include all the rows on it?


I emailed you again earlier today but I don't see it posted. I need help! I've taken your pattern to two different knit instuctors who are both as baffled as I am. I've finished the illusion part of the pattern (which looks GREAT!) and am now at the part that starts with "Back Opening". Maybe it's simpler than I think but I'm completely stuck and I want to give this as a gift next week. Is there anyway to talk to you on the phone? Or is there another way to say the last part about wrapping the yarn around the first stitch and turning? My website is and my phone number is on there. I'm around tonight and tomorrow. H-E-L-P!! Thanks in advance. :) Michel


Thanks for this awesome tool! I would love to see a feature that allows you to change the colour of the last button so one could use it more easily for colourwork. Right now, I could of course use other buttons to compensate, but it would be so much easier on my brain (which needs all the help it can get ;-) ) to see the different colours on the screen.


Hi Jacquie,
Thank you very much for making your charting program available to us. It has been an invaluable resource to me as a beginning designer - I've since purchased standalone charting software, but it was your applet that helped me to get started!

I just wanted to mention that an important feature is not functioning for me - that is, pasting into the applet to 'open' a saved file. I've googled around a little and it seems like newer versions of java have disallowed pasting from outside the applet? I'm trying to find a workaround but no dice so far.


Thanks so much for offering this pattern! A friend and I will each be doing one for our iPads but we had a question: if we work these on a set of four (or five) double pointed needles instead of the two circular needles, will we run into any trouble with the pattern? We're excited to try your pattern, but we don't have the sets of circular needles called for. Thanks again!


It would be easiest to use 5 needles so you always have two for the front and two for the back. You might want to put some stitch markers on to mark where the front and the back start. When it comes to the grafting at the top you will probably have to transfer the front and back to single needles to make it easier to manipulate. Other than that I think you should be ok.


In reply to Joyuna - I am as distressed as you are that copying and pasting is no longer allowed by some browsers - that was pretty much the only way to get data into and out of the program. I keep trying to find time to work on it but so far just haven't.

MaryEllen Treadway

Great pattern! I am perplexed by the waste yarn for the provisional cast on. You make reference to removing it later but say no more. Can you please clarify this for me? Thank you.
Mary Ellen


You can remove the waste yarn at any time after the stitches are picked up from it. I usually leave it til the end, or at least until I have established the pattern.

April Allen

I was wondering if you could email me the link for your buttonhole method. I'm a little confused on that part. Id like to use it on a piece that's not knit in the round.


Love this pattern!!! Really want to so this but am I doing something wrong? Forgive me I'm a beginner and I am trying to follow your pattern but my light color is coming out as the bump and my dark color that I am Knitting then purling is coming out flat. Im confused bc your photo is showing the opposite, dark bump and the light color (A) is flat.. please help..Thank you so much :)...

Jean Gross

Jacque, I'm planning on making the apple iPad cover and want to make sure you're still on for possible questions.


I am!

zombies don't knit

Hi Jacquie,

I made this iPad cover and I love it. It's a great pattern und I enjoyed knitting it. Thank you!!!!!

I posted some photos on my blog:

Jean Gross

Jacquie, I don't understand your first row 2. Do you Cast on the remaining 39 stitches with color A.

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